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How to say Happy Birthday in German Gifs

Say Happy Birthday in German with these great animated greeting card gifs.
You can share or download all the German Birthday wishes entirely for free. Use the share tools provided on the page to quickly share out the images. To save the German Happy Birthday animations right click on the gif or for touchscreens press down on the graphic for several seconds. Please give me a link back on your homepage or blog. Every bit of love helps.

The classic way to say Happy Birthday in German is "Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag". It is the most popular way to say Happy Birthday. Literally it means "All Good For Your Birthday", but it's the same as saying "Happy Birthday" in english. The second most popular and classic way to say Happy Birthday in German is "Herzlichen Gluckwunch". The exact translation to english means "Heartfelt Luck Wishes". Often "Herzlichen Gluckwunch" is used more in greeting cards while "Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag" is said directly in person.
The red birthday cake card says "Herzlichen Gluckwunch. Lass es Dir Gut gehen!". Literally it means "Heartfelt Lucky Wishes. Let it go well for you."

A good way to say Happy Birthday in German is as this pretty firework gif says "Zum Geburtstag Die Besten Wunsche". It means "The Best Wishes For Your Birthday."

Also a popular way to share German Birthday greeting is "Herzlichen Gluckwunch Zum Geburtstag". It means "Heartfelt Luck Wishes For Your Birthday". It combines 2 classic greetings into one and is often used on birthday cards.

"Zum Geburtstag. Gluck liegt in den kleinen Momenten des Lebens, und diese sollte man geniesen" is a lovely way to send your Birthday wishes. It means "To Your Birthday. Luck lies in the small moments of our lives, and we should enjoy them".

Germans love daisies because they grow in abundance everywhere. In fact even the city lawns are entirely covered by daisies. So sending a pretty daisy to your German friend will always be welcome.
This pretty daisy Birthday card with a bit of rhyme reads "Herzlichen Gluckwunch Zum Geburtstag. Ein kleines packchen Sonnenschein, Soll Heute Mein Geschenk, Fur Dich Sein!". It means "Heartfelt Birthday Wishes. This little package of sunshine is my gift to you today." Sending Birthday sunshine is all the more precious because it is often very cloudy in Germany.

Germans love their beer, men and women alike. Saying Cheers with beer is the perfect way to say Happy Birthday in German. "Zum Geburtstag die Besten Wunsche. Prost! Auf Dich!" meaning "The Best Wishes for Your Birthday. Cheers! To You!".

Sometimes saying Cheers is just enough. Especially when it's the national soccer hero doing his best Octoberfest "Prost", with the favorite of favorites Weizenbier, wheat beer.

"Prost, und einen shonen Geburtstag." is a great way to say Happy Birthday with a celebratory Cheers. In English it translates to "Cheers, and have a nice Birthday"

A colorful sparkly pink cupcake for the German princess in your life. Share these "Suse Geburtstaggruse", meaning "Sweet Birthday Greetings".

Say Happy Birthday to your German friend with this pretty rainbow colored cupcake and "Zum Geburtstag Suse Gruse" wishes, meaning "Sweet Greetings For Your Birthday".

Most Germans love to travel, especially to sunny places. It's always a great way to say Happy Birthday in German with a travel theme. "Zum Geburtstag, die besten Wunsche. Traume Entspannung und Sonnenschein.", means "The Best Wishes For Your Birthday. Dream Relaxation and Sunshine."

German people consider ladybugs lucky and they love giving luck for Birthdays or New Year. It's a very common greeting card featuring a ladybug. Send some luck today with this cute ladybug wishes in German "Zum Geburtstag, Viel Gluck" meaning "Lot's of Luck For Your Birthday".

Say Happy Birthday with this heartfelt card. "Von Herzen, Zum Geburtstag." meaning "From the Heart. To Your Birthday".

More Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag German Birthday Cards.

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