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20 Funny Happy Birthday Gifs

Newly updated with funny Birthday gifs, great collection of the funniest Birthday wishes to share with your friends. Email the Happy Birthday animations directly to your friends or post it on their Facebook wall. I made many of these gifs and you will only get them here.

birthday gif

Funny Cat Party Birthday Gif

Cats DJing on turntables funny Happy Birthday wishes.

happy birthday gif

Jim Carrey for funniest Happy Birthday gif

Funny with a Side of crazy Birthday gif card. Send this to make your friends laugh.

birthday gif

The 90's Birthday Dance Gif

Will Smith for classic 90's moment. Party like it's the 1990s! Your friends that know will love.

happy birthday gif

Jim Carrey for funniest of funniest Happy Birthday gifs

Who can beat Jum Carrey but Jim Carrey. Party like it's your Birthday. Send this beyond hilarious gif to your friends.

happy birthday gif

Parks and Rec Birthday Gif

Friggen hilarious moment from Parks and Recrations. Andy we miss you!

birthday gif

Chilling Cat Birthday Gif

When your friend likes the pampering for their Birthday send them this relaxing cat massage.

birthday gif

Cute Cat Birthday Gif

Kitty meow sends Birthday rainbows.

birthday gif

The Great Gatsby Birthday Gif

Leonardo Di Caprio doing the funny weirdo dance. Tryimg so hard for that Oscar.

birthday gif

Bed Jumping for Joy

How I Met Your Mother, champagne cracking bed jumping Happy Birthday celebration gif. Classic share!

birthday gif

Funny Dog Birthday Gif

Dog jumping on trampoline with Birthday excitement.

birthday gif

Funny Bod Birthday Gif

Funny cat dancing disco Happy Birthday meow card.

birthday gif

Funny Darth Vader Birthday Gif

Star War Darth Vader does the Happy Birthday dance.

birthday gif

Funny Marvel Hero Dance Gif

Deadpool and Spiderman do the funny Happy Birthday dance.

birthday gif

Deadpool Birthday Rose Gif

Funny Deadpool has a rose for your Happy Birthday. Great to share with Marvel fan!

birthday gif

Funny Face Birthday Gif

Cat making a funny face for a funny Happy Birthday animated pic.

birthday gif

Funny Cat Girl Birthday Gif

This gif is just so out there and funny. Happy Birthday to all you Champions of life!

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