How to post animated gif to Facebook?
To make the gifs work on Facebook you have to get the exact address of the image. This is the only way it works now. Blame Facebook. To get the exact address in Explorer you right click, go to Properties, than you will see the Address URL of the image. Copy and paste that into Facebook. In Firefox right click, select Copy Image URL than go ahead and paste this url into your feed. The image should appear moving. Sometimes the gif will not work the first time. I then reload the page and paste again and it works. See it in action on my Facebook Page. Also to note the best gifs for facebook are most square or rectangle ones. If the image is too tall Facebook resizes it funny. It's a bit of work to finagle this but the result looks cool.

How do I save the animations?
To use the images on your web site right click on the graphic you want (once it is completely loaded)and select SAVE IMAGE AS or SAVE PICTURE AS. Choose a directory and press SAVE. It will then be on your hard drive free for you to upload to the location of your website. To save on mobile or touchscreens, press down on the gif and hold for several seconds. Save or download option will appear.

How do I e-mail an animation to a friend?
You can save the image to your computer or cellphone then e-mail the animation as an attachment. You can copy the URL (address) from the address bar of your browser and paste that in to your e-mail message so they can visit the same page. Or use the sharing side bar with a shortcut to email.

How do I put the animation in the email?
If you are making a custom greeting card or making your email look cool, usually u will need a special app to do it. But some email programs will allow you to paste the gif animation into the email or direct link it. For example Gmail will let you put the animation in the email Signature. You could make a cool greeting card using the Gmail signature.

What is 'direct linking' ?
You Right click on the animation, than select Properties. Copy the URL Adress than paste it to wherever you need it, website, forum, avatar, chat room, etc,. Ideally you should save the animation and upload it to the site you are using.

How do I use animations on cellphone?
You can download the animation to your cell. Latest phones support animated gifs. However many sharing apps like Whataspp don't support gifs. If you want to share the animation image, press down and select Open Image. This will open only the image in a new browser. Copy and paste the url to share it. Latest shortcut is the share function built into the browser. A button on top right of browser or general options button has a share function with all of your installed apps. You can easily share the page using this, or open single image and share that.

How do make the animation bigger or smaller?
If you are posting the gif on your Blog or site, just use the image resize option in the code, it will resize it for you automatically. Ideally you will be sizing down, sizing up the image might get blurry. To actually resize the gif you have to use a gif program. If you google it, there is some good ones for free. Or you can use an online service editor. There are plenty available if you search for online gif animator/editor.

Have a question I haven't covered?
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To save the gifs. On desktop right click the animation and select save.
On mobile and touchscreens, press down on the gif for couple of seconds and the save option will appear.
To Share out the gifs click on the gif and use the share tools.

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