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Great Santa Claus Christmas Animated Gif Images

Great mix of animated Santa Claus gif images to share with friends on Facebook. Classic Santa illustrations and modern designs. It's great to get gifts under the tree from Santa!
You can share or download all the animated Santa Claus gifs entirely for free. Use the share tools provided on the page to instantly share out the images. To save the Santa Claus animations right click on the gif or for touchscreens press down on the graphic for several seconds. Please give me a link back on your homepage or blog. Every bit of love helps.

funny christmas cat santa gif Funny Lord of the Rings Santa Claus Gif
The fuzzy wuzzy Mewwy Christmas Santa cats are very cute and funny. Send it to your cat fan friend now. Lord of the Rings in Santa outfits, almost as cute as the cats.

Cute rolling Santa animated illustration on transparent gif. Santa dancing with rwo reindeer animated image.

Funny Santa Claus Gif Dancing Santa Claus Gif image

Here comes Santa Claus animation. Santa riding his sleigh against the moon at night. Wish your friends Merry Christmas with this dark blue winter moood Santa gif.

animated gif images

The modern minimalist pixel Santa riding his sleigh. Snoopy ringing the Christmas bell in Santa Claus outfit gif.

santa claus animated gif snoopy santa claus animated gif

Beautiful Santa Christmas wishes image with Christmas Tree lights slowly blinkingand golden Merry Christmas lettering. Classic Santa Claus illustration on the rooftop with a bag of gifts as animated image. Share the Christmas cheer with your friends with this wonderful greeting card.

santa claus animated gif santa claus with gifts animated gif

Santa caught sneaking in the house with gifts. The clock struck 12! Let Santa deliver his gifts and share with friends with old time classic illustration.

santa claus animated gif

2 Classic Santa Claus illustrated greeting cards. Santa under the Christmas Tree with a toy train and a puppy art by Tom Newson Both gifs animated by Mira.

Santa Claus Gif

Large amazing Santa Clause Christmas wishes illustration with Santa and reindeer on the rooftop and a bag of gifts. Santa is about to jump into the chimney.

Santa Claus Chimney Gif

Classic white Christmas Santa image with white Christmas trees, a polar bear and Santa dressed in all white.

santa claus animated gif

An unusual hipster Christmas scene. All the important figures are present and even more. Dinosaus protect the baby Jesus. Cute and funny gif.

animated gif images
Here is the 1990's collection of small transparent Santa gifs and sprites.

Merry Christmas Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif


Santa Claus Gif
Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif Santa Claus Gif animated snowman gif Santa Claus Gif free animated santa gif

Merry Christmas : Christmas Trees : Funny Christmas : Christmas Cards : Santa Claus : Happy Holidays : Angels
Gifs > Holidays > Christmas

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