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25 Great Animated Hands Gifs

This is a collection of amazing animated pictures of hands. Mix of illustrated art, 3D computer hand artistry and amazing gifs. Hands beckoning, clicking, holding hands and random amazing images.
You can share or download all the animated hand gifs entirely for free. Use the share tools provided on the page to instantly share out the images. To save the hand fingers animations right click on the gif or for touchscreens press down on the graphic for several seconds. Please give me a link back on your homepage or blog. Every bit of love helps.

hand gif animation funny hand gif animation funny hand gif animation

Great artsy illustration of hand pressing the buttons all day. It slightly looks like my life every day. Press and repeat. Creeping robot hand by Zolloc. Great black white illustration of hand flipping a coin.
An amazing illustration of a skeleton hand by Akela73. Real black white hand bones xray.

skeleton hand gif animation skeleton hand gif animation

Cute illustration of cartoon hand holding a skull. Great black white gif of loving hand holding.

hand gif animation hand gif animation

Cool hands holding fire animation. Artsy black white palm flexing animated gif. Beautiful hipster hands holding glittering stars gif. I just love this one.

hand gif animation hand gif animation hands holding stars gif

Cool sci-fi hands with imaginary threads. Funny hand puppetry gif pretending to be playing the piano.

hand gif animation hand gif animation

Large 3D computer animated hands praying emoji and ok cool fingers emoji gif. Index finger pressing button illustration.

hand emoji gif animation hand emoji gif animation hand gif animation

Beautiful hipsterish gif of both hands holding water. Its so pretty. Nice hand against the sun gif. We all have done this one. Amazing hand holding a spinning galaxy gif.

hands and water gif hand with sun gif animation hand holding galaxy gif animation

Zolloc computer art that makes you wonder. Cool gif of hand holding imaginary thingie.

hand gif animation hand gif animation

Collection of 1990's transparent hand gifs.

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Thank you for visiting. I make a lot of gifs here, especially all the Holidays and Birthday card gifs. I like to share with everyone the best gifs that I find on the internets. The tiny gifs go back to 1999, and the bigger gifs are from recent 2010's. I often minify large gifs so that they are faster sharing. All images are free for personal use. Copyright remains with original author. Enjoy!

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